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Server Resource Check Profile - Windows Event Log


I am trying to setup a Resource Check Profile which will catch all the critical events from any of my servers irrespective of source from where the event logs were generated (e.g. Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power, NETLOGON , Microsoft-Windows-DistributedCOM,  Microsoft-Windows-GroupPolicy, Service Control Manager and many more).  Currently, I don't think there is an option to do so.


It will be good to have a wildcard options e.g. *  and/or regex pattern to select both source as well as EventLogName . Without this feature, I have to create so many checks within a resource check profile which is not feasible. Above all, I many not know in advance the event source until an event occurs and without the wildcard option, I not be able to capture that event. 




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Currently, we only have the option to provide a single source to capture its respective events. The option to provide multiple sources has been added in our road map. Will post an update in this thread once the feature is live.




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