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Server Persistent Uptime Monitoring

Sometimes servers in a Data Center can be left running for long periods of time without being given a reboot.


A useful feature would be the ability to monitor how long a server has been running and set a warning threshold to alert once it's been up for a predefined amount of days.

An Example would be for a Server that's been running persistently for 60 days without reboot to trigger a warning and notify agents so that maintenance can be scheduled in.

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Re: Server Persistent Uptime Monitoring


The uptime for a server monitor can be seen under the Summary tab (Snapshot > System Statistics) of your server monitor in the Site24x7 web client.

You can also set thresholds and be notified when the configured value exceeds. Please follow the steps below to configure thresholds:

  1. Log in to Site24x7.
  2. Go to Server > Server Monitor > Servers.
  3. Click on the server monitor for which you want to monitor the uptime.
  4. Hover on the hamburger icon beside the monitor name. Click on Edit.
  5. In the Edit Server Monitor page, scroll down to the Configuration Profiles section and click on the pencil icon beside Threshold and Availability.
  6. Select Server Uptime from the drop-down Set Threshold Values. Set the desired threshold values in ms, secs, mins, and hrs. You can also associate Automation scripts to automate corrective action.
  7. Save your changes.

Hope this helps. Let us know for further queries, if any, in the below thread.




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