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Server Agent on AWS Linux, annoying issues changed API behavior

Hi Site24x7 Team,

we discover all of our AWS EC2 automatically, what works fine. Further, we install by automation a Linux Agent on that EC2 machine. Both Monitors are afterwards concluded into one monitor via Server > EC2. So far, so good.

Previously, we could during installation add some parameters to the install command in order to get the correct Resource Profile, Configuration Template etc.. 


./Site24x7_Linux_64bit.install -i -key=$accesskey -dn=$HOSTNAME -gn=postfix -ct=postfix -rp=postfix

However, all these parameters are ignored during registration. None of these profiles are set.

What shall we do in order to configure these Profiles to the concluded EC2/Server Agent?


thank you







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Re: Server Agent on AWS Linux, annoying issues changed API behavior

Hello Markus,

We apologize for any inconvenience caused with the installation script ignoring the configuration parameters.

We have analyzed the logs for Linux agents in our end and we do not see the parameters being passed to our servers during their registration. However, when we tested the same set of parameters, the parameters were passed successfully during the registration in our test bed.

Hence, we request you to share the logs from the most recent installation, so that we can analyze the issue further. I have sent an email on the same from our support portal as well.

We look forward to hear from you.





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