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Send "Up due to maintenance" notification when maintenance is scheduled

I'd like for the system to send an alert when there is a downed monitor and it is put into maintenance. The alert should include the word "UP" as a standard up alert would give but also notate due to maintenance. This will allow for autoresolve of incidents created by down alerts that occur due to missed maintenance scheduling. 

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Hello Damian,

We believe that you are looking to regulate the maintenance schedule of your monitors with the Up alerts due to maintenance. However, we would like to inform to you that we are now enhancing the scheduled maintenance capability wherein you will be able to continue monitoring your resources even during the maintenance period. This will give you a wider maintenance window and help you to regulate the maintenance scheduled.

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We have upgraded our Scheduled Maintenance feature by incorporating persistent monitoring during maintenance. With this enhancement, you'll be able to pinpoint the accurate time spent on maintenance along with relevant uptime during the scheduled maintenance period. Although alerts will be suppressed, as usual, you can always view the complete log history during the maintenance period. This will give you better control over your maintenance period and help you optimize your maintenance window during future upgrades. Read our community post on this enhancement to learn more.



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