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Seeking plugin for Jboss on Windows

I'm hoping to find a plugin for Jboss on windows.




epicor.com [admin: removed username]


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Hi Brad,

Thanks for your request.

By installing the Site24x7 Windows monitoring agent on your server that has JBoss running, you can monitor the server performance and the JBoss process' CPU(%), memory(%), thread count, and handle count. 

In addition to that, you can use the Java agent to monitor the Java application (JVM) by analyzing performance metrics like JVM CPU usage, run time memory, heap memory, non-heap memory, garbage collector, threads used etc.

Another alternative would be to write a Windows plugin for monitoring JBoss performance. The plugin can be written using VB script, PowerShell, Batch & DLL.

Hope this fulfills your requirement. For any further queries, please comment in the below thread.




Product Manager,




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Hi Brad! Here Jacob. how do u fix this requeriment? whats requeriment ur found about this?

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