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Scheduling Anomaly report

Hi Team,

Currently we don't have option to get Anomaly report under (Admin->scheduled report). Every time we have to download manually, If we scheduled report at particular timings will be useful for our analyze.   


Thanks & Regards,


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Re: Scheduling Anomaly report

Dear Uma, 

  Thanks for requesting this feature. This is nice one to have and will help in reducing the manual work. I'll add this to our roadmap feature. I will also allow other members in the community to upvote this feature. 


btw, How often do you use the anomaly report and what do you typically analyse it for? How do you try to solve a problem with the anomaly report? Knowing this will help us improve on what we can develop on. 



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Re: Re: Scheduling Anomaly report

Hi Jasper,

Thanks for your response.

We are going to track sites response time/page load time. If we scheduled report for some set of monitors weekly or monthly basis, and will analyze the history of our sites performance. If we received any anomalies , will try to analyze at which activity it has taken huge time at which location and why it got anomalied. 


Thanks & Regards,


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