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Monitor the performance of your SAP HANA database


We are happy to introduce a new plugin integration to monitor the performance of your SAP HANA database.

SAP HANA (High-performance ANalytic Appliance) is a column-oriented database with a unique architecture that stores data in its memory instead of on a disk, enabling it to process and query massive amounts of data with near-zero latency.

With multiple services often running on SAP HANA, tracking its availability and performance is crucial to meet users' needs and avoid disruptions. For example, the index server in SAP HANA is critical for processing data at high speeds, and detecting elevated index server memory usage can help you resolve latency issues before they start affecting end users.

With this plugin integration, you can track the following metrics:

1. Active Threads
2. Active Transactions
3. Backup Catalogs
4. CPU Usage
5. DATA Disk Free Size
6. Disk Free Size
7. Free Physical Memory
8. Idle Connections
9. Inactive Transactions
10. Index Server Memory Pool Heap Used Size
11. Index Server Memory Pool Used Size
12. Index Server Memory Pool Shared Used Size
13. LOG Disk Free Size
14. Name Server Memory Pool Heap Used Size
15. Name Server Memory Pool Used Size
16. Name Server Memory Pool Shared Used Size
17. Plan Cache Hit Ratio
18. Plan Cache Size
19. Queuing Connections
20. Replication Errors
21. Replication Syncing
22. Running Connections
23. Start Time of Services
24. Total Active Statements
25. Total Alerts
26. Total CPU Idle Time
27. Total Caches
28. Total Column Unloads
29. Total Delta Merge Errors
30. Total Expensive Statements
31. Total Network I/O Operations
32. Used Physical Memory


You can install the plugin to stay on top of issues and bottlenecks affecting your SAP HANA database. And do leave your feedback and suggestions in the comments below.

We encourage you to check out our growing list of more than 100 plugin integrations to monitor your entire application stack.

Until next time,

Happy monitoring

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