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RUM sampling for high traffic sites


We have newspaper sites to monitor. For now the RUM was a NO GO because of pricing. With a site of 300 millions page views a month, the cost will be an extra USD 7000 a month. 

Why there is no a SAMPLING option like in NEW REALIC? because to measure performance, we don't need to monitor ALL THE PAGES, just a sample.

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Re: RUM sampling for high traffic sites

Hello Marsili,

Sampling based on traffic is not a reliable measure of your website performance from an end user perspective.
Sampling seems ideal only when your application's environment is constant, which is why Sampling is a prominent feature in our Application Monitoring Service (APM-Insight).

However, In Real User Monitoring each end user's environment varies. Events to your website can be triggered by any user, from any location, by any browser or device, through any ISP as a result of any transaction.
Extracting only a sample might result in the metrics being on any extreme on your performance spectrum.

Our Snapshots(Session traces) are a result of sampling based on your apdex threshold as done by other products in the same domain.

We would like to know if you have any use cases or problems that sampling of pageviews would solve.

Jaya Simha,

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Re: Re: RUM sampling for high traffic sites

Hi, thank you for your reply. We have been using sampling for years on New Relic and YES, it is a reliable form of performance measurements, at least on media sites. We need to keep our sites load time under 3 seconds. If with a sample of 50.000 users the site is under 3 seconds, usually the rest of the 5 millon users are also. With very small sample group we had detected performance issues in the past. 

Again, is maybe not optimal, but is the only viable way to do it with same pricing models like yours. You need to understand is not possible for digital newspaper, not matter the size, to pay in the range of thousands to monitor performance. 

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Re: Re: Re: RUM sampling for high traffic sites

Hii Marsili,

Thank you for sharing the details regarding sampling. i think you are using their APM agent to inject the JavaScript and thus acheiving sampling done through their agent for real user monitoring too . Right now we dont have support for sample based Real User Monitoring but we take this as Feature request and keep you updated regarding this request.

Jaya Simha

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