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RUM Dashboard reports in Email

by sai1
Do we have an option to forward RUM dashboards as a report to intended administrator emails?
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Re: RUM Dashboard reports in Email


As of now, the RUM reports can be viewed only in the web console and it is not possible to export or send it via email to administrator contacts. However, I will forward this to our development team to check the feasibility of having this in our service and add it in our product feature list. Please bear with us. 

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Re: Re: RUM Dashboard reports in Email

any update here?  This functionality is desperately needed.   Will have to change providers if not. 

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Re: Re: Re: RUM Dashboard reports in Email

by Raji


Let me give the options that are already available in the product with respect to RUM Dashboard.

1. There is option to "Export as PDF", any listing page or dashboard or even the graph pop ups, in RUM. You can use this option to export the report as PDF and then send it to the desired recipient.

The option is available in the menu near the application name in any listing page, and in pop up screens, the option is available in the right corner of the pop up. Refer screenshots for options.


Export as PDF  


2. We have recently released RUM APIs. You can use them to fetch any report.

Refer api doc https://www.site24x7.com/help/api/#rum-applications for more details.


Hope this helps.




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