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Resource Process/Service Templates

Hi Team,

We are a Managed Services Provider. As we have to manage many of the same types of servers for different customers. It would be nice to have templates that we can apply to a bunch of servers at once (or at setup to ensure same) vs having to setup one by one.

Example: We have x customers with IIS web servers. On a typical IIS server we would need to monitor process x, y, and z.

So ideally as we get a new customer with IIS, we can just pick a template as part of setup so that it has all the process/services we care about. Today a person has to setup one by one and it takes tons of time also they many times forget one by mistake as long list.

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Re: Resource Process/Service Templates

Hello David,


Thanks for bringing up this request. We could understand the productivity benefit this can bring.  This may be available under individual customer accounts rather than at MSP account level. 

We will consider this enhancement and will update here once we take this up.



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Re: Resource Process/Service Templates

Hi Raghavan,

Thank you for update. I wasn't sure what this sentence meant, "This may be available under individual customer accounts rather than at MSP account level. " can you clarify?

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Re: Re: Resource Process/Service Templates


You can create pre-defined templates for thresholds, resource check profiles, services, processes and decide when and who needs to be notified in case of downtime and associate them to appropriate user groups for all the new server monitors added.  

Please read our documentation to know how to set up a Configuration Template.

Do comment in the below thread for further queries, if any.


Happy Monitoring!

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