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Reporting Upgrades

SIte24x7 needs better reporting functionality.  The base reports out of Site24x7 are limited. 

We should be able to generate a report for Availability (%up %down) down to the hour for a any day of the week.    

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Re: Reporting Upgrades


Though it does not have granularity of choosing hour when the Time period is weekly options. The Availability Summary report does have percentage to the hour and today option gives hourly % values.

The report also mentions all the outages that happened during the selected time period. So you don't miss any critical information in the report. 



 What would be your other enhancements that you are looking for?



Product Manager, Site24x7

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Re: Re: Reporting Upgrades

As this thread was already open I have a request to improve the Availability Summary Report.

Would it be possible to add a count of total amount of checks (total sum of checks cross all agents on a monitor) for the period you are reporting for? Thinking that this could be one of the numbers in the line where you have the Availability%, Total Outage Duration and Number of Outages.

This would make sense when reports are shown to end-users. % uptime is nice and all, but to show how much due diligence we are doing by rigorously checking the system would give a wow effect.


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Re: Re: Re: Reporting Upgrades

Hey Thomas, 

  Thanks for the valuable feedback. I'll take this back to the team. Will update here once there is a solid plan.


Product Manager, Site24x7

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