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RegEx in AppLogs search

I would like to be able to use RegEx in my AppLogs searches.  For example, I need to create an alert based on the occurrence of "[error]" in my logs, but AppLogs search throws out the special characters and returns all instances of "error".

Another example is case-sensitive searching.  RegEx would allow us to use this (or not) whenever we want.  I could search for "FooBar" and exclude "foobar", etc.

There are many, many powerful use cases for RegEx that would really expand the AppLog searching capabilities, using an already-established standard that is common elsewhere.

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Re: RegEx in AppLogs search

Hi Ryan,

   Thanks for taking the time and suggesting ways to improve our log analytics. We will look into this further and check how best we can support for regex.

Stay tuned


Product Manager, Site24x7.

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