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Real Windows Service Monitoring

While evaluating your service, I noticed that if you pause a monitored windows service, no alert is triggered.  If a service is in any state other than "Running", it is not up and should trigger an alert.  

This suggests to me that you are saying you are monitoring the service in the UI but you are actually monitoring the process under the covers.  What if a service hangs at starting or stopping?  The exe would technically be running but not functional thus in an error state that you would likely miss.  Services are not processes, they are up when windows says they are up, you have the query the operating system for it's status, not simply looking for the underlying executable.

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Re: Real Windows Service Monitoring

Hi Ragincajunman,

         Monitoring Windows services does not rely on the status of the associated processes. We get the status of the Windows services using the WMI query Win32_Service's 'started' column.

Irrespective of the Windows service's state (Paused, Start, Resume) the 'started' column returns true, because of this the status of the service is Up although it is still in the initiating (Start) state. 

We have now included this enhancement in our agent, that will be using the exact 'state' of the Windows service. Based on the 'state', the status of the Windows service will be shown in the Site24x7 web client and alerted if it goes down.  

Please find the updated agent version attached with this post. Please follow the steps below to install the agent:

1.  Uninstall the existing agent

2.  Unzip the attached Site24x7WindowsAgent.zip

3.  After unzipping, you will be able to find the file Site24x7WindowsAgent.msi

4.  Install the Site24x7WindowsAgent.msi

5.  Within 5 minutes, you will be see the exact status of the Windows service in the Site24x7 web client.  



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