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Read-only client agent mode

We have clients that want to be assured that we do not have the power to restart their services & processes.

If the client agent had an option (set on the client itself) to disallow any actions, such as starting/stopping a service or process, then that would llow us to assure the client that we can't make changes are are, in-fact, just doing monitoring.

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Re: Read-only client agent mode


Only a Super Admin and an Admin can start/stop services. For all the other user roles, these actions are restricted. 

Further, if you wish to remove the permission to start/stop services even for the Super Admin and Admin roles, please contact our support, as this is not available in the web client. 

Hope this clarifies your question. Let us know for further queries, if any.

Happy Monitoring! 


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Re: Re: Read-only client agent mode

I don't think you understand. 

If these features are available, then that means that someone can control a system without going through normal channels. All it would take is a support call to you and then that setting can be changed.

We NEED to have this on the client, that way there is no way that this can be changed from the site24x7 side of the house.

This is a HUGE issue as it breaks access control restrictions and means that we may have to switch products :(

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Re: Re: Re: Read-only client agent mode


We understand your concerns. We will make sure we get this option added in our web client.

And to clarify on the security concerns, we wanted to convey that restricting the Super Admin or Admin from performing these actions are currently not supported in the client; but if you wish to get that done, you could contact our Support and get this added as a Feature Request.

Sorry for the confusion. Will update this thread once this is added in the client. If you would require anything else, please comment in the below thread.


Happy Monitoring!

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Read-only client agent mode

Shoot, looks like you misunderstood again :(

This CAN'T be an option on the web client.
This MUST be an option on the local server agent.

This is a very important distinction.

We need to be able to disable this feature on a local server on a case-by-case scenario, and not allow SITE24x7 or the superadmin to change that setting.

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Read-only client agent mode

Hi , 

Thanks for your requirement. We are also very conscious on the security of each feature which we release. 

We will analyze your requirement and add it in our road map. Will update the post once we finalize your requirement and the procedure to disable the feature in local server agent. 




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