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RDS Free Space Alert


Would it be possible to implement an RDS Free Space alert feature in an RDS Threshold profile?  We have situations where total disk space of an RDS instance is depleted and causes the DB to stop responding.

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Re: RDS Free Space Alert


Good to see you interested in monitoring the disk space of your RDS instances. 

As of now, we are yet to explore into this space, however, you can go ahead and install our server monitoring agent on your AWS servers and monitor the health and performance of the same. 

Please take a look at the help links given below to get started.

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Re: RDS Free Space Alert

you can not install anything on an aws rds server ... since it is a black box.
so the cloudwatch data for free space ist very important to watch ... you already have that data in your system ... but it is not possible to set an alarm on this ... this should be an easy but an very very important thing to implement on your side.

Re: RDS Free Space Alert

Agreed.  The purpose of submitting this feature request is because I can't use the Linux/Windows Server Agent on AWS RDS instances. 

We are currently using CloudWatch Basic alarms for monitoring free disk space of RDS instances, but it would be really healpful to have disk space alerting for RDS instances integrated within the AWS Monitor for RDS instances.  The data for RDS free disk space is already available to Site24x7 via the AWS API as CloudWatch Basic data (as Guest has stated) is included in the results set if you query it.  I would be more than willing to help with beta testing as well since we have multiple production workload RDS instances.


Re: RDS Free Space Alert

Hello everyone,

We have released the feature to put threshold on RDS Free Storage. Whenever the FreeStorageSpace goes below the specified % value, you'll get trouble alert. Here's a screen shot for reference.

Aniket Sinha
Site24x7 Team
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