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Question about resource checks

I'm trying to setup a resource check on some of our server monitors. What I want to do in particular is check that a file exists (alert if it doesn't exist) -- this file would be c:\inetput\wwwroot\loadbalancer.html.
I would like also like to check the contents of the file for "OK" (alert if OK is not in file).

I have tried a Content Check and that check doesn't see to be affected if the actual file doesn't exist. For example, I renamed the file on the server and the check continues to be displayed as "UP".

The Availability Check appears as "UP" even if the file doesn't exist. I could be misunderstanding how that check works since I have to select either Added or Deleted when I create the check.

Does anybody have any thoughts on where I'm going wrong with this?

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To alert if a file doesn't exist, configure a 'File Availability' check with notification criteria as 'deleted'. The user will get notified when any/particular file(depending on configuration) within the directory is deleted. Make sure to check if the entered directory path and file name is without typos. The check will go down when matching file delete events occur.
For file content check, if the file name configured is the same as the new file name on disk, the check will go down when the content matches. If the configured file name is a regular expression, the new file will not be watched for alerting(even if it matches) as we get the list of file names matching the regex when the check is initially configured.

If you still feel there is some discrepancy in the alerting behavior please drop an email to support@site24x7.com
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Does the file availability "deleted" check work if the file in question is actually just renamed and not really deleted?

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Sorry for the delay in reply. Yes, if the file is renamed, the old file will be captured in the File Availability "deleted" check. If there is a check configured to notify when 'old.txt' is deleted, that check will go down when 'old.txt' is renamed to 'new.txt'.
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