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Prometheus Metrics


in addition to StatsD metrics it would be cool if also a solution for prometheus exists.

A site24x7 agent and/or plugin which pulls exporter node metrics.

In a k8s cluster you often see prometheus endpoints. So this would be also helpful to gather such metrics directly from k8s.

It should be possible to pull custom metrics from prometheus nodes exporter and export then directly into site24x7.

Thanks and regards,




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Re: Prometheus Metrics


Thanks for raising this request. We will surely take this request into consideration. We will update the thread once we release the Prometheus monitoring.




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Re: Re: Re: Prometheus Metrics


We really appreciate your patience. And, yes! We have an update.

We are happy to inform you that the Prometheus-integrated Site24x7 Server Monitoring Agent is live.  

With the help of this integration, you can now monitor the metrics collected by Prometheus, set alerts, and automate corrective actions when there is a threshold breach.

Read our user guide to know how to integrate Prometheus.

Hope this helps. Let us know for further clarifications, if any.


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Re: Re: Re: Re: Prometheus Metrics

Hi Sriram,

very exciting news!

Thanks a lot for this new feature!



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