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Poller Status displayed on Dashboard screens

I would like the ability to show the status of the Site24x7 Poller (On Premise and Mobile)


Mobile poller (deployed to android device) does not appear to have a monitoring agent therefore doesnt get displayed on any dashboard/monitor screen. If the Mobile poller goes off line you will recieve a notification (if configured) but it does not display 

The information i would like to see is the same as you see when clicking

Admin, Mobile Poller


Admin, On-Premise poller.


We have found that a poller may have lost contact/stopped but this is not instantly identified unless going to these two screens.


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Re: Poller Status displayed on Dashboard screens

Hi There, 

  We understand the problem. As a first step we now show on-premise poller status in alarms tab as a card. On click of it goes to the poller list page. We are working on bringing both mobile and on-premise poller status to alarms tab so that you can view it in a single place.


PM, Site24x7

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