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Plugin questions

When creating a plugin, is there a way to control how the metrics will be visualized on the Web UI?
For example, let's say I want to capture 5 different metrics that in the real world total up to 100 or 100%. I'd like to be able to put all 5 of those metrics on the same chart and have the values stacked. Can I do this now?

Second, is there a way to tell the web-ui that I want a particular custom metric to only ever display the very last captured value?

Finally, is there a way to submit non-numeric metric values to the API? My use case would be related to my question about only showing the last captured metric/attribute value. Say I have a piece of equipment that I want to monitor and it's statuses are "Ready", "Paused", "Paper Out". It would be nice to display that status with the plugin. I guess I could convert the status to some numeric value (ie. "Ready" = 1, "Paused" = 2) if I can only submit numbers.

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Re: Plugin questions

Hi Jumblo,

Currently, we do not support stacked charts for plugins. 
For the second feature, for viewing the last polled value you could go to Server Monitor Dashboard -> Plugin Tab -> Select the plugin -> Last Polled Data

And for the third feature, Yes. Plugins supports both numeric and text values. However, we do not support alerting for text values.


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