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A new way to access and manage Site24x7's plugin integrations


We are excited to announce a navigation improvement for easier access to Site24x7's plugin integrations so that you can add and manage plugin monitors in a simplified way. 

You can now access the plugin integrations from a dedicated Plugins tab on the main navigation menu, saving you time as you no longer have to juggle different menus for the information you need. If you are not able to see the Plugins icon, click Edit at the bottom of the main navigation menu to add it as a default icon.

From the Plugins tab, add, remove, and sort plugins; filter plugins by application; view the availability status of plugins; access the plugins' Inventory Dashboard; and see the installation errors of all your plugin monitors. See the key performance metrics of each plugin in a single view and assess which plugins need your attention. 

This new update also makes it easier to set up a new plugin monitor. Choose the plugin you want to install and view the installation steps on the same screen so that you don't have to leave the Site24x7 web client. 

Note that you will still be able to access your installed plugin monitors from the associated server monitors as well as from the Server tab on the main navigation menu.

We hope these updates make accessing, adding, and managing Site24x7's plugin integrations easier for you.

The Site24x7 team

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