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PHP APM not working with php8.1-fpm


I had the PHP APM downloaded on a web server that previously ran php7.3. Once I updated php to 8.1 the APM stopped working. When I download it now I get this error;



Error in installation :: PHP version 8.1.3 not supported

Please contact technical support

Registered as systemd service.

Please restart the Web Server 

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Re: PHP APM not working with php8.1-fpm

Hi Kripi, 

Regret the delay. Please note that our agent with PHP 8.1 support is under testing. It is expected to be released shortly. If you would like to try out the agent under testing and share any feedback, please feel free to reach out to us via support. 

Thanks & Regards, 
Shrinivasan S S
Developer, APM Insight PHP Agent.

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