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Per monitor links on status page ( permalinks )

 I have our public status page all set up.  But I noticed that when I click on a monitor, the URL does not change.  And I have no way of linking directly to an individual monitor report.


Links on the web are a very basic feature, and I should be able to share a link that loads the status of an individual monitor.

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Re: Per monitor links on status page ( permalinks )


We support this in our new enhanced Status Page product Signals. Please check the screenshot below. 

Along with this, we support many other features in Signals, few of which are listed below 

* Subscription - Can subscribe to status page updates via email. 
* Component group support. 
* Customizable logo, footer, back ground color, text color etc. per status page.
* Can automate component status update via email and Site24x7. 
* Can view status page data in browser time zone and also has option to change timezone and much more...

Please try out and offer your valuable feedback and suggestions.

Check out Signals demo here.

Help doc link : https://www.site24x7.com/help/signals/

- Laxmikanth

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