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Parameter forwarding to step endpoint

In my next step I would like to follow this link from parameter forwarding however I am unable to enter the parameter into the endpoint input as the validation kicks in saying it is not a valid url.

validation warning on parameter as endpoint

Are there any workarounds to this problem?

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Hey there, 

   Unfortunatly the image is not loading. Would it be possible to re-add the image or attach it?

I'm assuming you are trying to configure REST API Transcation, will check where we an issue.


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the site wont let me log in and thus can only post as a guest so not sure if it will work

have uploaded here: ibb.co/L1hCTdg

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Hey There, 

   We don't allow the full url to be part of the parameter and thats the reason you are getting this error I think. You need to give the domain and then can add parameters to it. eg: https://zlyker.com/$parameter/. This is to ensure the dynamics values are not abused. If you have a cases where you need to pass the url itself dynamically please do let us know (If its sensitive raise a ticket with us and we'll help you out).

Apologies for the login issue. We are working on getting other DCs login to community sorted out (Extended testing and migration needs to happen hence the delay). 


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In my case I want to pass url dynamically and the dynamic url which is generated then I click on that and provide user credentials and then a code is generated which I paste it as a token to get the desired output. So can we configure this in REST API Transaction Monitor. If yes, please let me know how. 

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We can't allow any custom domain to be monitored as there are high chances to abuse it. As mentioned earlier, if the domain name is fixed we can support it in Rest API Transaction Monitoring. Please contact us through support@site24x7.com with further details like the API behaviours,  the kind of URL received in the response, etc.

Site24x7 Team.

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