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Override cpu and memory thresholds

Right now, one can easily override Threshold and Availability profiles on monitor level for disk space. For example, one can set this on profile level:

And then on monitor level do this to override that value:

This is great, because one can override this profile setting on a more specific level. It would be even better if we could do the same for Memory and CPU thresholds. So configure let's say 85% CPU on profile level, but override that on monitor level for one specific monitor. The way to do it now is to create a seperate profile for that one monitor, but that is not really maintainable.

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This would still be very handy. If not possible to implement, a way to copy existing (threshold) profiles would come in handy as well.

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Hi Cloudar,

Thanks for bringing this up. We understand your requirement, will analyze the case, discuss with our team and add the enhancement in our road map. 





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