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New monitor for email blacklistings


I've been told there's no monitor existing now for periodically checking various email blocklists for domain entries.

I think this would be a great monitor to add, so one could list their email domain(s) with the monitor and it would check a certain intervals to see if the domain(s) show up in the popular blocklists. Maybe daily, or weekly, something like that. Help to protect the business reputation, notify of potential email spoofing or hacks, etc.

Thanks, just an idea.


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Re: New monitor for email blacklistings

Hi Steven,

Thanks for raising this request.  We already have it in our To do list. Your request validate the need for it.

Few clarification needed on this request:

What are the popular blacklist databases you use/prefer ?

In what frequency it should be tested for you ?

Do you prefer to have monitoring for blacklist IP and Domain ?

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Re: New monitor for email blacklistings

Blocklists: There's a bunch out there. The ones that come to mind are:

  • Barracuda
  • DNS Realtime Blackhole list
  • IBM DNS Blacklist
  • SpamCop
  • Spamhaus ZEN

Frequency: It would be nice to choose between daily or weekly, with maybe an ad-hoc option.

IP/Domain: Some block based on IP some on Domain. We have multiple email domains with only 1 or 2 servers. Ideal case would be both, but, in a pinch I'd have to go with Domain.

This is sweet! Any idea on when????

Thanks a bunch,


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Re: New monitor for email blacklistings

Hello Steven,

Thanks for sharing the details with us, we will take this as a feature request and add it to our product roadmap, you can expect the feature by next quarter of the year.


Re: Re: New monitor for email blacklistings

Any update on this ? Its every good feature so that almost all cover under site24x7

Re: Re: New monitor for email blacklistings

Very interested to have that feature too. Is it being implemented?  Thanks.

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Re: Re: Re: New monitor for email blacklistings


  We are not currently doing this. But having said that as Raghavan said, this is in our todo list. Unfortunately not sure when we will start it.



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