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[New Feature] Share and Discuss Site24x7 Incidents and Reports in Microsoft Teams

We're super excited to announce the launch of Site24x7's integration with Microsoft Teams, the chat-based workspace in Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem. The integration allows your IT and DevOps teams to have real-time and actionable conversations regarding specific Site24x7 incidents and root cause analysis reports in your Microsoft Teams channel.

Key Facets of Site24x7's Integration with Microsoft Teams:

Integrating Site24x7 with Microsoft Teams delivers the following benefits: 

  • Receive instant status alerts from your selected Site24x7 monitors in your preferred Microsoft Teams channel.
  • Use actionable cards to view detailed incident reports.
  • Discuss, collaborate and resolve issues faster using RCA reports sent to your channel.
  • Customize the titles of your chat messages using default incident parameters or global parameters.

How to set up the Integration? 

To successfully connect Site24x7 with Microsoft Teams, you must first have an active Office 365 subscription plan. You should also create a Site24x7 connector for Microsoft Teams to be able to push your Site24x7 Monitor incidents and reports actively to Teams' channels. To know more about Microsoft Teams Integration, read our user documentation

What's Cooking?

Up next, we'll roll out a few more enhancements like Bot commands and Tabs. Bot commands in Teams will enable you to receive instant answers to all your monitoring questions. It'll help you perform accurate root cause analysis in a short span of time. On the other hand, Custom Dashboard Tabs in Teams will offer you the flexibility to view, compare, comprehend, and indulge in contextual conversations with your team members on various performance metrics of your Site24x7 monitors.

Available Integrations. 

We offer seamless integration with a wide array of third-party incident resolution and team collaboration tools. Read our third-party integrations article to know more about all the supported third-party applications.

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Re: [New Feature] Share and Discuss Site24x7 Incidents and Reports in Microsoft Teams

Hi there,

We've rolled out a cool new enhancement to our Microsoft Teams integration--MS Teams Tabs. With this upgrade, you can import your Custom Dashboard inside your preferred Microsoft Teams channel to have a rich, interactive platform for productive discussions and troubleshooting of your Site24x7 data. Read our official announcement to learn more about this upgrade.



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