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Introducing the Network Configuration Compliance feature: A stress-free solution to achieving compliance

Site24x7's network configuration manager (NCM) can now check if devices comply with custom organizational policies and industry standards like Cisco IOS, SOX, HIPAA, and the PCI DSS.

How it helps

Noncompliance with industry standards can lead to costly and risky consequences for organizations. However, managing numerous network devices from different vendors can be overwhelming for network administrators who are already grappling with complex networks that face rising threats everyday. Here's where our NCM tool helps.

With the Network Configuration Compliance feature, you can:
  1. Implement rules and policies to defend your network from potential threats. 
  2. Ensure compliance with industry standards like Cisco IOS, SOX, HIPAA, the PCI DSS, or any other custom organizational policies as needed. 

Get started
Refer to our help documentation to learn about the prerequisites and other basics you might need to get started.
Feel free to drop your feedback, suggestions, and feature requests in the comments section below.

Until next time,
Happy monitoring

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