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Need notification or an easy way to know when a new monitor was added



One area in need of improvement is tracking when a new monitor was added due to auto-discovery.     As far as I know the only way to know that new monitors were added is to try and read through the audit log.  The filter option is a global search so if you search for Created you may end up with items in the list that have a tag with the keyword.


Ideas for improvement:


1.  Send out an email to a specific team within a business unit to be notified when monitors are added.   Team should be able to choose to receive individual emails or a digest version per day

2. Create a customizable report that can be filtered by create date or other fields that are available.

3. Add the ability to filter monitors by create date not just by tag or Monitor group

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Re: Need notification or an easy way to know when a new monitor was added

Dear Herb,

   What is the primary reason for getting to know new monitors that are being added into the system..? 

The cloud (aws, azure, gcp) or a microservice (read Kubernetes, Docker) has a lot of instances or nodes coming in and going out. Keeping track of that can overwhelm the operations engineer though we can give that data. I was wondering what would be your business case for requesting it... 

Is it..

-Audit in the company/team for using the monitoring system


-License limitation

-Allocating right no.of monitors to BUs 


Appreciate your suggestion to include created on filters where ever possible. We'll add this in our upcoming enhancements on filtering monitors.


PM, Site24x7

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