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Need dot net APM agent Traces


Can anyone share sample trace of dot net application which is generated through dot net APM.

Basically I need to check reflected classes and methods trace.

e.g. Java Trace :

Total Calls: 3 Method Call(s) + 3 SQL(s)   0 200
0 org/apache/catalina/core/StandardHostValve.invoke()   0 200
0 org/springframework/web/servlet/DispatcherServlet.doDispatch()   21 200
1 com/package/controller/AdminController.getDashboardData()   176 179
62 MYSQL - SELECT - testright_new.finaldatatable - Error: MySQLSyntaxErrorException


Same I need to check for dot net.Which includes dot net classes and methods.

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Re: Need dot net APM agent Traces


The .NET application trace will be shown as below sample trace,


Sample .NET application trace


By default, the .NET APM agent will track the framework methods along with some specific metrics like database object details, web service URI details etc. Use custom instrumentation to track your own application methods to view in more detail.


Note: The traces will be captured when the transaction's response time crosses the transaction tracing threshold.

Please contact support, if you need any assistance on configuring the feature.




Developer, APM Insight .NET Agent



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