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multiple threshold for the disk partition


is there possibility to setup multiple threshold for disk partition for one monitor?

example: i want for partition / on disk /dev/sda set 70% of disk usage  as warning  and 90% of disk usage as critical. in both case i want to send email or sms notfication.

Is there a way to setup this configuration? 

I tried this cofigure via nagios plugins but it is not working as i predict. If i set thresholds for two attributes of plugin after excced of one attribute cause alert and plugin is going down till the problem is solved. 

In my nagios plugin i have two attributes with percentage of disk usage, they are both same the only reason is multiple threshold. One i set for 70% second for 90%. After exceeding of first attribute plugin is going down and will not work till the disk 

Thank you for help.



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Re: multiple threshold for the disk partition


We currently do not support multiple threshold setting for disk partition for one monitor.

As for the working of your Nagios plugin, please make sure the following requirements are met:

  • The plugin monitor is active
  • Data collection is happening. You can check this in the Log Report
  • Thresholds are configured correctly with Trouble or Down alerts set for each of the attributes. Once the threshold is breached, an alert would be sent based on your configuration

Hope this meets your requirement. If in case the issue persists, please mail us at support@site24x7.com to help assist you further.


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Re: Re: multiple threshold for the disk partition

Mathangi, this is important for us as well, I would like to have an alert if a disk reach 90% and another alert is the disk reach 95% 

this kind of thresholds are basic monitors capabilities, at least can you tell me if this will be on your product road map and when?


and by the way I dont have Nagios running, only site24x7

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Re: Re: Re: multiple threshold for the disk partition


Sure, we understand your requirement. We will make sure this feature gets included in our road map and take it up with high priority and update this thread once the feature is live. 



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