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MSP NOC view wording

We plan to have the MSP noc view up on a couple of screens here. With a filtered view showing only Trouble and Down monitors. If there are no monitors in this state, the message displays, "No Monitors Available", which sounds like you don't have anything configured. "No Monitors in Trouble/Down State" or something similar, would be a better description.

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Re: MSP NOC view wording

Thanks for pointing this out Charlie. We will correct the text.

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Re: Re: MSP NOC view wording

thanks. Further to this, I've also noticed, on the MSP dashboard, all our customers are displayed. Any customer in yellow, ie, with 1 or more troubled servers, shows the text "8/54Monitors in Error" for example. Any green customers shows the text "All monitors available". (Interestingly, if you have a customer with no monitors setup yet, that same text is displayed!) So, it would be great if the text for green customers could display "54 monitors available" instead of "All monitor available".

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