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More granular Rest API content check

Currently we have the ability to evaluate returned values from Rest APIs with JSONPath or XPath or even just text, and mark the service as trouble or down based on the result. However, it would be great if we could add multiple content checks that triggers different severity. For example, if an API returns a certain value or structure, it should go into critical mode, but if it returns a different value or structure, it should go into down mode. This feature would be very useful when adding custom APIs to monitoring that query 3rd party tools for monitoring. The Text response format has a bit more granular control, but not what we're looking for.

Our situation is that we have a thermometer sensor that returns a CSV formatted log/temperature history, which is too complex to add to Site24x7 directly for monitoring the latest temperature. We built a small API that reads and processes this log, extracts the latest temperature, and determines if it's within normal values. Site24x7 is currently monitoring this API and marks as Down when the temperature drops or increases beyond the threshold we set. However, we would like to get Warning and Critical statuses as well inside the threshold to see if the temperature fluctuates too much, but it's still within normal values. Or be aware when it starts to change before it reaches the critical levels.

Other custom sensors and APIs would also benefit from these to determine the severity of the situation.

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