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More features for Synthetic/Real Browser Checks

We are looking at expanding into the Synthetics realm and have a few concerns with the current setup of this monitor type in Site24x7.

When setting the checks up it would be nice to be able to have options in the recorder for things like not recording mouse overs.

Other features that would be nice to have would be:

  • Ability to show assets that load during each step by showing waterfall for each page load step.
  • Ability to group assets by 1st or 3rd party 
  • Ability to set alert thresholds based on if a failure is with a 1st or 3rd party asset.
  • Ability to alert by different metrics on each step:
    • Did the step take more than x time to complete?
    • Which step broke the monitor?
  • Ability to measure Apdex
  • Ability to deep-dive into what exactly cause the monitor to fail?
    • Did the monitor fail due to a broken javascript that did not load and caused the page to break?

For the waterfall option, a good example of this would be the way New Relic does this, they have a results section that you can load a check and then see the different pages that are loaded and see a waterfall output that allows customers to understand exactly what works or fails or what's causing issues.

Here is a good reference from New Relic: newrelic.com/resources/webinar/what-is-new-relic-synthetics

There are lots more that can be added to this list but it's a great start to expand the Site24x7 platform to compete with the other industry leaders in this area.

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