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More control over exception/error monitoring


We're in the process of migrating from New Relic, and the only thing we're missing is the java lib that has NewRelic.noticeError(message/exception). We used it a lot when we handled exceptions, but needed to notify New Relic anyway, so we could build alerts about service degradation etc. 

The other problem is that in our Spring app we handle all exceptions in @ControllerAdvice to send the right user-facing error codes + messages, which means we never see exceptions in Site24x7. The same for batch processing workers where we keep processing and want to send errors to Site24x7 so we can handle them later, but keep processing.

Instead of trying to handle all these cases it would be easier if we had an APMInsight.noticeError lib we could use where necessary.

Adding the @ApmTracker and @ApmRootTracker annotations to the lib and putting it on a public maven repository would also be appreciated.



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Re: More control over exception/error monitoring

Hello Vaughn,

Thanks for raising the request to support API to track exceptions. We like to inform you, its a work under progress. Will be available in our upcoming release.

Your concern regarding exception handling in @ControllerAdvice, it has been added in our latest agent version (v3.4). APM Insight Java agent automatically picks the exception with its respective transaction where it occurred.




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Re: More control over exception/error monitoring


API for tracking exception has been released in the latest Java agent v3.5.1. Feel free to use them in your application and start tracking exceptions.

Please follow the instructions available in the help document

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