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Monitoring Mail Server and Database availability of ManageEngine Service Desk Plus product using Site24x7

ManageEngine Service Desk Plus is an ITSM product which solves day-to-day IT problems for businesses. Proper functioning of critical components such as Mail Servers and Databases are important for the proper functioning of Service Desk Plus. Any failure to any of these components could trigger user frustration. Continuous monitoring of their availability should be done to ensure the product health is always good.

Site24x7, a cloud monitoring tool provides the ability to keep a watch on the above said critical components and provides instant alerts when there is an issue identified in the functioning of the components. 

Site24x7 Plugin monitoring is a solution used to provide monitoring solution for the above use case. The user can use the out-of-the-box scripts from Site24x7 or write their own scripts and setup monitoring of critical IT resources. 

The user can Sign Up for a free ManageEngine account and utilize the scripts provided to setup monitoring. Follow the steps below to configure and monitor the Mail Servers and Databases of Service Desk Plus product.

Key Features :

  • Monitor the ManageEngine SDP Mail Server fetching and PostgreSQL port. 
  • Historical Reports. 
  • Instant alerts on your mobile phone, email, SMS, Voice. 

How to Setup Monitoring for Manage Engine SDP's Mail Server and its PostgreSQL?

1.  Sign-up with Site24x7.

2.  Navigate to Server Tab -> Server Monitor -> Click 'Server +'.

3.  Choose the OS type on which the Service Desk is running. 

4.  Install the Site24x7 agent, where the SDP product is running.

5.  Download the appropriate plugin and place it under the directory, 

'C:\Program Files (x86)\Site24x7\WinAgent\monitoring\Plugins' for Windows

& '/opt/site24x7/monagent/plugins/' for Linux

6.  To configure the POP/IMAP server settings:

     Windows : Open ManageEngine_SDP_MailFetching_Monitoring_Win.ps1 and perform relevant configurations.

       POP Mail Server configuration


     $popServer = "popserver" #Enter POP Server DNS name or Ipaddress

     $popPort = "popport" #Enter POP Server port value

      IMAP Mail Server configuration

$imapEnabled = 1

$imapServer = "imapserver" #Enter IMAP Server DNS name or Ipaddress

$imapPort = "imapport" #Enter IMAP port value

      Linux : Open ManageEngine_SDP_MailFetching_Monitoring_Lin.py and perform relevant configurations.

   POP Mail Server configuration

POP_SERVER = "" #Enter POP Server DNS name or Ipaddress
POP_PORT = "" #Enter POP Server Port value

   IMAP Mail Server configuration

IMAP_SERVER = "" #Enter IMAP Server DNS name or ipaddress
IMAP_PORT = ""#Enter IMAP Server Port value

 7. To configure the PostgreSQL port for monitoring:

    Windows : Open ManageEngine_SDP_Postgres_Port_Monitoring_Win.ps1 and perform relevant configuration

$server = "localhost" # Enter the PostgreSQL server DNS name or ipaddress 

$port = "5432" #Enter the PostgreSQL port value (5432 by default)

    Linux : Open ManageEngine_SDP_Postgres_Port_Monitoring_Lin.py and perform relevant configuration

SERVER = "" #Enter PostgreSQL server DNS name or ipaddress
PORT = 5432 #Enter PostgreSQL port value (5432 by default).

Site24x7 Agent will automatically detect the plugins once the scripts are placed in the appropriate folder and creates Mail Server and Postgres SQL DB monitoring for SDP.


Download links for Site24x7 Plugins:

Windows :

Linux :


Sample Reports

ManageEngine SDP POP Mail Fetching Report

Manage Engine SDP Port Monitor Report 

Threshold Settings


Let us know your comments and feedback in the below thread.

Happy Monitoring !




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