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Monitor your file storage in AWS cloud with Site24x7

Whether you're migrating data sets to Elastic File System (EFS) from your on-premises servers or creating shared file storage for EC2 instances in a VPC, you need insight into resource usage across your file systems to optimize and address issues as and when they occur. Site24x7's latest AWS integration for EFS is designed to help you achieve this. For example, you can make informed decisions about moving your application to a file system using the Max I/O performance mode by tracking the percent I/O limit metric.

A few things to remember

Alert-ready metrics: Storage admins can collect, visualize, and alert on burst credit balance, client connections, data read/write IO bytes, metadata IO bytes, permitted throughput, total IO bytes, and metered file size. Learn more.

Licensing: Each file system is considered a basic monitor.

Availability: The integration is available to all Site24x7 users regardless of their subscription plans.

How to get started

Existing Site24x7 users who are already leveraging our AWS monitoring functionality can enable monitoring for their file systems via the UI controls in the Service View. However, make sure the read-level action (elasticfilesystem:Describe*) is present in the IAM policy assigned to the Site24x7 entity (IAM user or role). Learn more.

New users can integrate their AWS account and start tracking essential cloud services powering their app deployments in minutes by following the steps mentioned here.

Our team is already working to support new AWS services as we speak. To help us prioritize, we want to know what services you'd like us to support next. So please post your suggestions in the community thread, and if you have any questions, you can always get in touch with us at support@site24x7.com

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