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Monitor your AWS Gateway Load Balancer

You can now monitor the availability, health, security, and performance of AWS Gateway Load Balancer at the Target Group, Availability Zone, and Endpoint levels.

Why should you monitor AWS Gateway Load Balancer?

Amazon's Gateway Load Balancer allows you to deploy, scale, and manage firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and intrusion prevention systems. Monitoring Gateway Load Balancer is critical to:

  • Analyze if traffic distribution is secure.
  • Quantify the active flow count.
  • Track the healthy and unhealthy hosts.
  • Monitor the traffic exchange.

How does Site24x7 monitor AWS Gateway Load Balancer?

Once you provide the necessary ReadOnly permissions to the created IAM role or the cross-account role, Site24x7 will start discovering the Gateway Load Balancer nodes and fetching performance data.

Benefits of monitoring AWS Gateway Load Balancer

AWS Gateway Load Balancer monitoring metrics can provide you with information on:

  • Active Flow Count
  • Connected Endpoints
  • Consumed LCUs
  • New Flow Count
  • Processed Bytes
  • Unhealthy Host Count
  • Healthy Host Count
    GLB Performance metrics

Obtain a list of other performance metrics monitored.

Analyze the performance at the level of Endpoints, Availability Zones, and Target Groups. You can also configure threshold limits and receive alerts via SMS, email, and voice calls when the thresholds are breached.
GLB threshold metrics

Try monitoring your AWS Gateway Load Balancers and drop us your feedback as comments.

Until next time,
Happy monitoring.


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