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Monitor your API execution metrics at the route level

Amazon API Gateway aids in creating, publishing, and managing APIs. With Site24x7's Amazon API Gateway monitoring, you can monitor API execution metrics and gain insights into usage and performance across your API stages and methods. Site24x7 has now extended this to monitor every route's API execution metrics.

Stay on top of your API Gateway routes by monitoring them at the HTTP and WebSocket levels. You can also track a route to different stages.

Track performance at the HTTP and WebSocket levels

You can easily analyze a route's performance and track it through different stages with metrics like:

  • 4xx errors, 5xx errors, the total number of API requests, latency, and data processed at the HTTP level.
  • Connection count, message count, integration errors, client errors, execution errors, and integration latency at the WebSocket level.
    API Gateway Route monitoring

Receive alerts for route monitors

You can configure thresholds for all the API Gateway route metrics at the WebSocket and HTTP levels and receive alerts when the thresholds are breached. You can also view the configuration, integration, and authorization details of all your API Gateway routes right from the Site24x7 web console.

Get started

Enable API Gateway integration, actively monitor the associated API stage, and enable detailed Amazon CloudWatch metrics on it. After this, add your API Gateway routes for monitoring.


Every API Gateway route monitor is considered a basic monitor.


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