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Monitor Windows Scheduled Tasks

It would be extremely helpful in a server monitor to be able to monitor scheduled tasks.


Useful thresholds on scheduled tasks that I can think of would be

Running Status => x minutes/hours/days

Disabled Status => x minutes/hours/days

Last run time => x minutes/hours/days ago

Error code returned on last run - yes/no

Error code returned on last run => x runs



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Re: Monitor Windows Scheduled Tasks

You can use custom plugin to monitor the scheduled tasks.

Please find attached ScheduledTask.zip. Please unzip this file and mention the name of the scheduled task to be monitored in the file "ScheduledTask.ps1" and copy paste the ScheduledTask folder into the plugins folder.
Eg: C:\Program Files (x86)\Site24x7\WinAgent\monitoring\Plugins

The scheduled task plugin contains the following metrics :

  • state_value: Current state of the task
  • numberOfMissedRuns : Number of task schedules that were missed from running
  • lastRunBefore : Time of previous schedule tasks performed
  • author : Task's owner
  • state : Description of the task state
  • lastRunTime : Previous date and time of the task scheduled
  • createdon : Task created time
  • errorCode : Error code of previous scheduled tasks


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