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Say no to resource contention. Site24x7 can now monitor VMware resource pools.

You can now monitor exactly how your resources are managed using Site24x7's VMware resource pool monitoring. Before diving into what we monitor and how we do it, let's walk through some basics.
The need for resource pools in virtual environments

A resource pool is an aggregated, manageable piece of hardware comprised of CPU and RAM allocated to virtual machines (VMs). It's the resource allocation entity in a vSphere environment that manages CPU and memory among VMs and inner resource pools.

Why you need to monitor resource pools

Rightsizing VMs and avoiding resource contention are two critical points when it comes to managing resources in a virtual environment. You can do both of these things using admission control, and by drilling down to determine the cause of resource contention. To find what's causing resource contention, you need to know the stats of vital metrics, including the status of your resource pools and the VMs associated with them, CPU utilization, and memory utilization.

What Site24x7 has to offer

Site24x7 monitors all resource pool metrics in detail by providing CPU and memory stats at the associated VM and inner resource pool levels. 

  • View the reservations, limits, shares, and share values configured for the resource pool CPU and RAM to learn how the resource pool has been configured in vSphere. This information also helps with rightsizing VMs.
  • Get insights on the resource pools and VMs that use up your resource pool's memory and CPU with graphs on top inner resource pools and VMs.This will help you avoid resource contention.
  • Find the root cause of CPU contention with granular CPU information like CPU reserved, demanded, and used.
  • Identify the root cause of memory contention with granular memory information like reserved memory and used host memory.
  • Ensure high availability of VMs by viewing the state of hosts and associated VMs at various nodes using resource pool tree state.
  • Pinpoint the optimal resource utilization for VMs using a list of VMs being powered ON vs. OFF.

Full-fledged resource pool monitoring

You can also configure thresholds to receive alerts for all these attributes. 

Get started by adding an On-Premise Poller, a VMware ESX/ESXi monitor, and then your resource pool monitor. Try out this feature and share your experience by leaving us a comment. 

Happy monitoring!

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