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Monitor Status View - Add Reason Column

Would be nice to have a Reason Column on the monitor status

when we go to Trouble Monitor we only have the Monitor Name, Performance and Last Polled but not a reason. having the reason make easy read

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Re: Monitor Status View - Add Reason Column

Dear Juan,

   Apologies for missing this. I'm sure you are aware that Alarms page has all the current alarms for incident analysis. You can now open monitor details page in a separate browser tab from alarms page as well. 


The alarms page has the message column and some more actionable items. You can also make the Alarms page your landing page (click on the home icon)  so that every time you login that would become your default page. btw, we will be making continuous changes in alarms page to address incident response. 

I would suggest to use Alarms page for outages and troubleshoot from here. We will also be bringing filters in all list pages including alarms page to help in filtering the monitors better.


Site24x7, PM

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