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Monitor multiple scheduled tasks?

Hello Site24/7,

How can I monitor multiple scheduled tasks? I only need to monitor last run time and last run result.

I noticed that you have a plugin/powershell script for this, but it's only working for one scheduled task?
I've also looked into this thread, but to no further success..

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Monitor multiple scheduled tasks?


If you consider monitoring multiple ScheduledTasks, instead of using multiple ScheduledTask plugin scripts, you can define all the configurations and execute them all using a single plugin script file. To do so,

1. Unzip the attached file ScheduledTask.zip
2. Kindly update the ScheduledTask.json with the scheduled task name.

Sample JSON
{"RtHDVBg_PushButton":{"taskName":"RtHDVBg_PushButton"},"Adobe Acrobat Update Task":{"taskName":"Adobe Acrobat Update Task"},"AppleSoftwareUpdate":{"taskName":"AppleSoftwareUpdate","taskLocation":"\\Apple"}}
3. Create a folder ScheduledTask under Site24x7 plugins folder and place the plugin files ScheduledTask.ps1 and ScheduledTask.json inside the folder.

This will add the scheduled task plugins based on your configuration. For more help, refer our help documentation.





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