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monitor instant messaging delivery

Hi there

I am looking for an approach to monitor that messages sent by my application are successfully delivered to email/whatsapp/telegram, etc.

I've searched KB and found nothing to help me except the email delivery monitor.

So, I can create an application which checks if the message is there. But what is a proper way to send this data to site24x7? I want to see it in reports and make alerting aware of delivery failures.


A naive approach I can figure out by myself is to implement a nagios plugin. But I somehow feel it is a wrong way.

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Re: monitor instant messaging delivery

Hi Alexei

It would be helpful if you could let us know what messaging application you are using to send messages from your application. Write a plugin to know the status of your messages and to push that data to Site24x7. You can then see the stats in the Site24x7 web client.

Hope this helps. For further queries, if any, please comment in the below thread.




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