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Monitor downloads from our website

On our site people can download items they buy from us but with Site24x7 we have no way to monitor:

  • that the download started
  • transmitted the correct amount of bytes
  • completed successfully

People buy fonts from us and once purchase is completed they download a zip file with what they purchased.  If there was someway for you to monitor this transaction so that we could know the things I mentioned above that would give us much better insight into how successful our customers are for this action.

If you could provide this that would be a great feature.


PS there is anther request in but I could not find it on your site:  937844

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Re: Monitor downloads from our website

Hi Alan,

 Thanks for asking here, its a great request. Would you want to stimulate the download of font file or do you want to monitor real time download for your users..? What would be the maximum size of a zip? 


Product Manager, Site24x7

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