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Monitor Down status dependence


it wouldbe great if in Site7x24 if you enable the same functionality like in

Attention and Critical for count of polls after which the status of the monitor will be change:

For example:

After 2 faild polls in row set monitor status to "Attention"
After 3 faild polls in row set monitor satus to "Criticall"
After 4 faild pools in row set monitor status to "Down"

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Re: Monitor Down status dependence

Hi there,

  The rational behind having Trouble, Critical statuses is to inform proactively that the monitor is not behaving as expected and that it might go down soon if not looked into. Poll strategy is to ensure that the problem is real and not a one off spike in the monitor. 

We send immediate alert if the monitor goes down which means there is a real problem to deal with.

We recommend you to first configure thresholds for trouble and critical and ensure that you receive alerts for them. This will help you to be on top of the problem before the monitor actually goes down.

I hope I answered the question. Please feel free to get back here for clarification.


Product Manager, Site24x7  

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