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MongoDB plugin error

Hi I am getting error in mongodb plugin

/bin/sh: 1: /opt/site24x7/monagent/plugins//mongod/mongod.py: not found


Even though file exists

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Re: MongoDB plugin error

Hi Guest,

Sorry for the disruption caused.

We need some clarification to address the mongod.py issue. 

1. Can you execute the mongod.py manually and check the output?

2. In case the plugin has an error, and if the agent executes the plugin with an error for the next consecutive 12 polls, then the mongod.py will be moved to the ignored list. Please refer to the below k-base. 


Hence, to solve the issue, please ensure that plugin doesn't contain errors and perform reregistering the mongod.py as per the above k-base. 

For further queries, please post in this thread. 



Product Manager


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Re: Re: MongoDB plugin error

Hi still having same issue
mongod file execute success fully

"connections_available": 50747,
"connections_current": 453,
"heartbeat_required": "true",
"memory_resident": 3919,
"memory_virtual": 6040,
"plugin_version": "1",
"units": {
"heap_usage": "MB",
"memory_mapped": "MB",
"memory_resident": "MB",
"memory_virtual": "MB"
"version": "4.4.4"


But in console i get this error

error logs

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Re: Re: Re: MongoDB plugin error


Can you please reload the error image, as we are not able to see the error log. 

Site24x7 Agents will execute the plugin using its full path name like:  /opt/site24x7/monagent/plugin/mongod/mongod.py

Can you please confirm if you get the output for that command.




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