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mongodb monitoring

A monitor for mongo db that we can use to check the status and load of the db. Also maybe queries that are slow.
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Re: mongodb monitoring

Thanks for the feature request.

We are already working on implementing MongoDB monitoring. Hopefully it should available in two or three months.

Can you also let me know what are the metrics you would like to monitor on MongoDB ?

Follow our announcements on this Forums for the feature releases.

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Re: mongodb monitoring


What's the latest on this? Is the support available now for mongo?

Re: mongodb monitoring


Thanks for the follow-up. 

We have our developers working on building support for  Mongodb and seems like this will consume some more time. Please follow the thread to know more about the same. 

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Re: Re: mongodb monitoring


Use the Site24x7 MongoDB plugin to gain in-depth visibility on performance metrics including available, current connections, heap usage, and more.

Hope this helps. Let us know for further queries, if any.


Happy Monitoring!

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