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Mobile app Push notifications for selected MSP customers

It would be super useful to be able to select from a list of available customers which ones you want to be alerted about. We have a bunch of techs, who needs to get instant alerts for some, but not all, customer to which they have access, so being able to select of subset for push notifications would really be great.

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Re: Mobile app Push notifications for selected MSP customers

Hi Charlie1,

If a user is added to a User Alert Group which is associated to a Monitor, the user will receive Notifications for that particular Monitor. However, you can add/remove your users in different User Alert Groups as per your requirement and can further associate those User Alert Group with monitors.

To segregate your users to receive Alerts across different Customers, you can navigate to respective Customer Account from MSP Dashboard and then associate your users to their respective User Alert Groups and then associate those User Alert Groups with the specific Monitors.

Feel free drop us a mail at support@site24x7.com and we would be glad to assist you to configure specific users to their respective User Alert Groups for your monitors.

Varun Modi
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