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Migrating monitors to different pollers / monitoring locations

Would be nice to have a way to migrate a group of monitors from one monitoring location to another. For example, I had to migrate 33 monitors from one on-premise poller to a new one and intead of being able to migrate them in a batch, I had to go into each one and do it one by one...with Site24x7's inability to open the monitors in new tabs, it's a painsaking task with lots of backspacing 

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Re: Migrating monitors to different pollers / monitoring locations

Hi Johny,

Site24x7 provides the 'Bulk Action' option with which you can update/modify multiple monitors simultaneously. 

You can go to 'Admin' -> Under 'Inventory' click 'Monitors' -> 'Bulk Action' -> 'Modify Location Profile' -> Select the list of monitors(or Monitor Groups) -> select the new on-premise poller location profile -> Save the settings. This will migrate all the selected monitors to the new On-premise poller. 

Site24x7 also has an option to open monitors in a new tab. When you mouse-over a monitor name, You can see the option to 'Open Monitor Dashboard in new tab' as shown in attachment. 




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