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Microsoft Teams Connector Integration to link to User Alert Group

Site24x7 integration already allows different teams to be alerted to different issues through a combination of User Alert Groups and associated Attribute Alert Groups.  The Microsoft Teams Connector integration however is to Site24x7 as a whole.

This means that all alerts are sent to the connected Teams channel.  It would provide significant benefit if the connector was linked to a User Alert Group so that different teams can be alerted to different issues as they can via email.

You can configure the Teams integration to only be linked to specific monitors but those monitors are likely already linked to a User Alert Group so this doubles the administration effort.  The only other filter option on the integration is by tag.  Monitor groups are not even an option requiring potentially hundreds of monitors to be selected and constant administration effort as changes are made.   Linking to the User Alert Group would make this much easier.

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Re: Microsoft Teams Connector Integration to link to User Alert Group

Dear Paul,

    I understand its cumbersome to administer user groups and channels. We currently send notifications on the channel scope. 

 The group in site24x7 and teams are totally different and we may have to sync them, this also brings in office groups since Teams may be mapped to User groups in Microsoft365 (which is internally mapped to Azure groups). Ideally we could sync MS365 User groups with User alert groups and take it from there.

Is there a relative mapping with the teams in MSTeams and user alert groups in Site24x7 that you maintain now? If there is some relation we cloud map user alerts groups and teams groups. 

How have you set this up? It would help better understand the usage and come up with a solution.

Monitor Group filtering in integrations

Regarding filtering option in the integration, one way to achieve Monitor Groups filtering is to use tags at the monitor group level and selecting that monitor group tag in the integration.

This will then send alerts only to the monitors in that monitor group. In the monitor group page > click on the tag icon at the top and give a tag. For easy search you can have convention and prepend group_<tagname>. 


PM Site24x7



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Re: Re: Microsoft Teams Connector Integration to link to User Alert Group

Yes we don't want to synchronize groups across Site24x7 and Teams.  All I'd like to achieve is the ability to setup Team Connectors for different Team sites that get sent different alerts.

We can do this through tags, however to make that work, ideally we would want to specify a "send all EXCEPT this tag".  Otherwise we have to go through many monitor groups and add a tag.  It would be easier to tag the instances that we want sent to a different team or not at all.


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